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Pacific Range Hood is designed for convenience and efficiency, carries an exceptional reputation in features and warranty. With superior extraction power and eliminating the use of grease filters, it provides a clean and odour free kitchen environment that enhances your joy of cooking and adds to your dining pleasure.

Why Auto-Clean?
We are proud to introduce our TruSteam range hood packed with innovated technology and unmatched feature of automatic steam cleaning.  TruSteam effortlessly cleans the hood interior by spraying 130? (260?) high-temperature steam onto the fan blades and interior housing followed by a hot water rinse.  This process efficiently removes grease, germs and odors without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing.  In addition, our newly developed Whisper-Quiet motor increases performance while operating at nearly inaudible levels on working speed.  Pacific’s new TruSteam range hood is a complete solution for your kitchen to prevent odors and eliminate grease.

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